Žalgiris Arena

Zalgiris arena in Kaunas, Lithuania


Kaunas Žalgiris Arena is one of the largest arenas and entertainment venues in the Baltic states, located in Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania. A breathtaking opening of arena took place on 2011 18th of August. The arena is new, modern and innovative – definitely a worthy tourist attraction. World famous artists and bands have already chosen to hold their performances at Žalgiris Arena: James Blunt, Lenny Kravitz, Rammstein, the Hurts, Jean Michel Jarre, Mireille Mathieu among others. By far the most expected event to be held at the arena is the EuroBasket 2011championship.

• The largest arena in the Baltic states. This is the entertainment venue for wide range of events: basketball, handball, volleyball, football, bodybuilding, fitness, figure skating competitions and concerts, performances, film festivals, exhibitions and private events.
• The Home arena to Kaunas BC Žalgiris – the legendary basketball team competing in top-level European Championship.
• Quality. Exceptionally good acoustics and the most advanced technologies employed inside the arena provide a platform for top-level events.
• Range of services. Versatility and availability not only during events: offices, fitness center, arts and multimedia space, restaurant, café all provide services for their visitors.
Easily Accessible. The arena is accessible via Airport in Kaunas, that sports a low-cost airline, it is also accessible via highway Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda and highway Via Baltica. Furthermore it is located in a country-mediator between the European Union and Russia and is in a good geographical position to neighboring countries. Tourists can reach Kaunas also by bus and by train.


Zalgiris arena is suitable for various events.

Sporting events:

     Basketball (14,500 spectators);
     Ice hockey (12,300 seats);
     Volleyball (13,600 seats);
     Manual (13,800 seats);
     Tennis and technical sports (13,700 seats);
     Boxing matches (15,300 seats);
     Football Hall (14,100 seats).

Cultural and entertainment events:

     Concerts (11,200 seats for spectators, if the scene at the end of the arena, and 15,100 seats for spectators, if the scene in the middle);
     Amphitheater for events (5500 or 2700 points, depending on options);
     Circus (15,400 jobs).

There are several additional facilities:

     Lodge, where every day and will include meetings;
     Caterers events;
     Fitness center and so on. service and trade businesses.