Kaunas Chinese Restaurants. Reviews from tourists, locals and fellow diners.

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Restaurant Didžioji Siena
Number of places catering: 40  Catering rooms: 2  Outdoor café seats: None  ..
Restaurant Drakonas
Visit our restaurant "Drakonas" and you will be surprised by: modern and up-to-date atmos..
Restaurant Gan Bei City
Our pride - a network of restaurants Gan Bei City which have settled down in the largest shopping..
Restaurant Ilgoji upė
Number of places catering: 50 Catering rooms: 1 Banquet facilities / number of seats: 30 Ge..
Restaurant Juodas
"Juodas" - fast japanese and chinese food restaurant. Working hours: Monday - Sunday : 11:00 ..
Restaurant Panda
Cuisine: Chinese  Type: Banquets, Business lunch, receptions, Catering, corporate events, ..
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Restaurant Svarstyklės
Here, you will enjoy a memorable time, and recreation in nature. You are welcome to admire our co..
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Restaurant Čanas
Restaurant "Čanas" is located In KAUNAS ' AKROPOLIS ', at the third floor, at the entrance of the..
Restaurant Čili kaimas
Čili (eng. Chili) became a synonym for the word pizza in Lithuania long ago. Today we’re proud no..