Kaunas Sightseeing. Here are top Kaunas tourist attractions for Kaunas sightseeing trip.

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Boat trip (summertime)
Entertainment - Boat trip with ship „Aitra“     Explore Ka..
House of Perkūnas
House of Perkūnas is one of the most original and archaic Gothic secular buildings, located in th..
Kaunas Botanical Garden
About Kaunas Botanical Garden The Kaunas Botanical Garden was founded in 1923 south of the ce..
Kaunas Castle
Kaunas Castle is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Archeological evidence suggests that it was origin..
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Kaunas City Hall Square
The Kaunas City Hall - Rotuses sq. 15, built in the middle of XVI century, at the time when Kauna..
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Kaunas Old Town
Kaunas enjoys a remarkable Old Town which is a concentration of ancient architectural monuments: ..
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Kaunas Žaliakalnis Funicular
Zaliakalnis Funicular Railway is a funicular railway in Kaunas, Lithuania. Built in 1931, it is t..
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Kleboniskis forest-park
About Kleboniskis forest Kleboniskis forest-park is the biggest in Kaunas. It starts near Vil..
Laisves avenue
Laisvės alėja (Freedom avenue) - Kaunas most famous walking street is fully pedestrianized a..
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The Bank of Lithuania
The Bank of Lithuania - Maironio str.25; the branch of Lithuania National bank in Kaunas. It was ..
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