Lithuanian GSM Prepaid cards

If you are making a trip to Lithuania, you can buy these GSM prepaid sim cards:

We recommend buying Tele2 Pildyk Sim Card at any Kiosk. A Pildyk/Tele2 Sim card is very cheap, only 5 Lt. With that price you also get telephone credit, so it costs virtually nothing. The Pildyk/Tele2 Sim card that you will buy in the kiosk is a prepaid card. Once your card runs out of money, you can buy Pildyk/Tele2 recharge in any kiosk and most supermarkets.

Once you have a Lithuanian SIM card and telephone number all of your local calls are very inexpensive. Plus as posted earlier, Lithuanian Taxis are much cheaper if you call them, rather than to get into a waiting taxi. And it is a lot easier and cheaper to call a taxi with a local Sim card. If you have a Lithuanian Sim card, you will have no roaming fees, cheaper text messages and better call quality, since your call is local and not going back and forth to your home country and back to Lithuania.

Tele2 Pildyk rates

SIM card costs 4,5 Lt, where is 4,5 Lt left for calls, so it virtually costs nothing.

SMS sending 0,10 Lt/SMS
Calling 0,48 Lt/min.
Mobile internet 0,90 Lt/MB
In order to know your deposit  press *245# and press CALL button.

Omnitel Extra rates

SIM card costs 5,49 Lt, where is 5 Lt left for calls.

SMS sending 0,09 Lt/SMS
Calling 0,48 Lt/min.
Mobile internet 1 Lt/MB
In order to know your deposit call number 1544 and press 1.

Bite Labas rates

SIM card costs 6 Lt.

SMS sending 0,11 Lt/SMS
Calling 0,49 Lt/min.
Mobile internet 1 Lt/MB
In order to know your deposit  press *245# and press CALL button.

Information was updated 2012-03-02